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VMware vCloud Air enables organizations to dynamically scale IT infrastructures without changing the way they are managed. Workloads can be run on-premises, on your cloud, or on vCloud Air. Network virtualization allows you to configure your firewalls and network like your existing environment and is customizable to your application and security needs.

So what is vCloud Air? Consider vCloud Air the Software-Defined Data Center “for rent”. More specifically, vCloud Air is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud that is owned and operated by VMware, and built on the trusted foundation of vSphere. It brings together the best of both the private and public cloud enabling customers to deploy workloads anywhere, yet be able to manage them once.

Have a need for more compute or storage resources? The vCloud Air solution is a perfect fit for extending existing vSphere on-premises environments and allows companies quick and easy expansion of vital resources in the cloud. Seamlessly move workloads from onsite to the cloud and back again as your needs change. System Administrators retain control with the same VMware management tools; no new training, new skills, or new processes required. Protect your on-premises data and application components in the cloud with the same level of confidence you have with your existing VMware environment.

No need to wait, your hybrid cloud solution is ready for you today.

  • Flexibility offered with three different service offerings: virtual private cloud, disaster recovery and dedicated cloud
  • Flexible, entry level pricing models available for each of the above offerings
  • Easily extend your existing VMware setup into a vCloud Air environment
  • vCloud Air technical support and Intelinet technical support that allows the ability to work seamlessly with existing VMware support for on-premises solutions

VMware vCloud Air gives you the confidence of a VMware provided and trusted solution that takes all guess work out of where your data resides in the cloud. You pick the location of the data center that fits your business requirements and we assist in provisioning your new hybrid solution.

How can VMware vCloud Air help with your Disaster Recovery? Click here to get the details.   

Intelinet Systems is a VMware Enterprise solution provider with a vCloud Air competency.  Our team can provide everything for the do-it-yourself organizations that wish to manage their new extended infrastructure or we provide a complete outsourced vCloud Air solution and everything in between.