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Our team at Intelinet Systems uses the Business Smart IT™ approach when working with its clients and prospects. Business Smart IT is comprised of a set of defining principles that, when followed properly, will assist in merging technology and business with desirable results and a happy customer. We offer thousands of products and a defined group of IT solutions in Dallas which fit our core competencies. Just selling a solution or a product that a customer might think they need does not always produce an effective outcome.  Using the Business Smart IT approach, we first must determine the end goal of the client and then work with the key set of principles of Business Smart IT.

  • Ask questions and listen to the clients’ issues and requirements
  • Provide a custom solution vs. a generic one
  • Determine how the technology creates efficiencies across the business and eases the burden of the business model
  • Show the effectiveness that the technology brings in overall business and management processes and what those measurable benefits are
  • Provide a technology that is scalable to match the strategic goals of the organization
  • Remove all obstacles around expense by showing what the true value of the technology is and provide ROI data
  • Provide a plan for ongoing technology management through training or managed services
  • Do what you say you will do and deliver what you promise
  • Become a trusted technology advisor and a go-to resource for the client

Business Smart I.T.™ for smart business